Adrian Blanco

Washington, D.C.

Graphics reporter

Education: Columbia University, MS in data journalism

Adrián Blanco Ramos is a graphics reporter in the graphics department at The Washington Post. He previously worked as a data journalist at El Confidencial, focusing on data visualization, data analysis and investigative journalism. He participated in the International Consortium of Investigative Journalist’s Paradise Papers investigation. He also interned at the Spanish international news agency Agencia EFE, Radio Televisión Española and the Times of London.
Latest from Adrian Blanco

    Tropical Storm Ian tracker: Map and projected storm path

    Maps of the path of Tropical Storm Ian as it threatens to become a hurricane in the Atlantic.

    September 24, 2022

    What is the Electoral Count Act, and why does Congress want to change it?

    Congress is closer than ever to passing a law to prevent another election dispute like 2020′s — and its ensuing political violence.

    September 21, 2022

      Tracking Biden’s nominees to fill the top roles in his administration

      Follow the president's progress filling nearly 800 positions, among the 1,200 that require Senate confirmation, in this tracker from The Washington Post and the Partnership for Public Service.

      September 19, 2022

        How second-choice votes pushed a Democrat to victory in Alaska

        The ballot allowed Alaska voters to rank their preference between Democrat Mary Peltola and Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich.

        August 31, 2022

        The wins, losses and comebacks that made up Serena Williams’s career

        Williams’s career has been full of up and downs in the WTA rankings, filled with the highest professional highs and some gutting lows.

        August 28, 2022

        More than 1,800 congressmen once enslaved Black people. This is who they were, and how they shaped the nation.

        The Washington Post has compiled the first database of slaveholding members of Congress by examining thousands of pages of census records and historical documents.

        August 25, 2022

          Can computer simulations help fix democracy?

          How algorithmic redistricting detects gerrymandered congressional maps

          August 22, 2022

          More than 840 suspects have been charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

          A breakdown of rioters charged and sentenced in the Justice Department's investigation of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol as of July 2022.

          July 26, 2022

            How the Supreme Court ruled in the major decisions of 2022

            In their 2022 rulings, an emboldened 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court rolled backed abortion rights, expanded the rights of gun owners and strengthened the role of religion in public life.

            June 30, 2022
            • Analysis

            How redistricting is shaping the 2022 U.S. House map

            The Post is analyzing the 2022 U.S. House map in this redistricting tracker as states finalize their congressional boundaries for the next decade. Republicans and Democrats are going to great lengths to tip districts in their favor and accusations of gerrymandering and lawsuits have followed.

            June 29, 2022