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Navy Chief Petty Officer Andrea Washington, with a distinguished military career, was found dead Monday.

  • Sep 19, 2018

The Army said it halted discharges of immigrant recruits. But an email reveals an effort to find other means to expel them.

  • Sep 19, 2018

Shawn Richard Christy is a "survivalist" who has fled across six states and Canada, and who has also threatened Sarah Palin, U.S. marshals say.

  • Sep 18, 2018

Juan David Ortiz confessed to killing sex workers in the Laredo, Tex., area, authorities said, after trying to get police to kill him.

  • Sep 18, 2018

Juan David Ortiz confessed to four killings, including two during the time Saturday when police searched for him, authorities said.

  • Sep 17, 2018

The death comes a month after another serious shark attack in the same part of Massachusetts.

  • Sep 16, 2018

Evelyn Rodriguez, who became an anti-gang advocate, was killed by a motorist after an argument about the placement of a memorial at her daughter's vigil, police said.

  • Sep 15, 2018

An Italian court sentenced a man to nine months in jail for selling and posting fraudulent TripAdvisor reviews, one of the first criminal convictions of its kind.

  • Sep 12, 2018

In a protest to recognize aboriginal citizens, Harper Nielsen has been called a brat and disrespectful by adults.

  • Sep 12, 2018

Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony Award. John Legend just became the second youngest to win all four.

  • Sep 10, 2018
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