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"In a moment where I intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters, I said something that I now realize can be perceived as not respectful, and I apologize," Sarah Rose Summers wrote on Instagram Thursday.

  • Dec 14, 2018

“I’ve been put through extra security checks 3 times this week, and was just told by a TSA agent it’s because my name is on a list,” France tweeted.

  • Dec 13, 2018

“This holiday season who needs ‘Elf on the Shelf’ when you have ‘Pence on a Chair,’” one person tweeted.

  • Dec 12, 2018

"He went out of his way to harass groups of black people who were minding their business," one of the students tweeted. "And continued to instigate and followed us after we left!"

  • Dec 11, 2018

"If Kevin Hart isn’t clean enough to host the Oscars, then no black comic is," Che said Saturday on the "Weekend Update."

  • Dec 10, 2018

"This could end up being one of those little oddities and mysteries of our careers that 40 years from now, we’ll be retired and still questioning quite how this happened," one monk seal expert said.

  • Dec 7, 2018

The meme's text asks “Why are you so afraid of a socialist economy?” followed by the answer, “Because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them.”

  • Dec 7, 2018

The president wasn’t exactly welcomed at George H.W. Bush’s funeral Wednesday, and late-night hosts were delighted.

  • Dec 6, 2018

All Jason Velazquez needed was about $6 and 15 minutes.

  • Dec 5, 2018

The Renaissance-era polymath may have suffered from a form of strabismus known as intermittent exotropia, according to recent research.

  • Oct 19, 2018
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