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But the Tallahassee mayor said "this fight continues" after a contentious battle for the state's top post with Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis.

  • Nov 17, 2018

Toyota has offered to replace Allyn Pierce's truck after hearing of his rescue efforts in the Camp Fire.

  • Nov 14, 2018

Tenea, a city on a Greek isthmus settled by prisoners brought over from Troy, thrived against the odds, then disappeared. Until now.

  • Nov 13, 2018

Cyrus, Gerard Butler and Neil Young are among the latest celebrities to share reports of devastation from wildfires ravaging Southern California.

  • Nov 12, 2018

The White House accused Acosta of “placing his hands" on an intern who was trying to take the mic away. Video shows otherwise.

  • Nov 8, 2018

“They probably should apologize, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to demand an apology,” Dan Crenshaw said. "They certainly crossed the line, but their apology won’t mean anything to me.”

  • Nov 6, 2018

North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor temporarily left office in January to deploy as a member of the Army National Guard.

  • Nov 4, 2018

Democrats and some Republicans criticized the ad after Trump tweeted it out last week, calling it divisive and fearmongering.

  • Nov 3, 2018

"I think healing is the most important thing that can happen in this country,” Rep. Carlos Curbelo told CNN's Chris Cuomo.

  • Nov 3, 2018

Comedian Chris Rock recorded parts of West's speech that didn't air and posted them to Instagram after the show.

  • Sep 30, 2018
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