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A federal judge had blocked a similar approval in June, sending the proposal back for review.

  • Nov 20, 2018

Exemptions for religious or moral objections to birth control appeal to social conservatives but have prompted lawsuits.

  • Nov 7, 2018

Citizen ballot initiatives achieve expansions state legislatures have resisted.

  • Nov 7, 2018

Federal health officials, however, rebuffed an unprecedented effort by Wisconsin to impose drug tests on Medicaid applicants.

  • Oct 31, 2018

The sixth year’s sign-up period opens with more stable health plan rates.

  • Oct 31, 2018

Confidential records of 75,000 customers were compromised, administration announced

  • Oct 19, 2018

Drug industry favors voluntary approach of listing prices on websites, not in ads.

  • Oct 15, 2018

The Trump administration claims its policies are stabilizing the marketplaces, but not all agree.

  • Oct 11, 2018

HHS canceled one fetal tissue contract in latest move aligned with social conservatives.

  • Sep 25, 2018

Law enforcement officials and court records said he is accused of grabbing a woman's buttocks and squeezing without her consent last year.

  • Aug 24, 2018
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