Congress has to do its job.

  • Apr 7, 2017

The weird thing: They’ve said that Trump already had that authority.

  • Mar 27, 2017

As LBJ said, a president can’t just yell ‘frog’ and expect everybody to jump.

  • Mar 24, 2017

There’s a loooong history of attempts to make the agencies make sense.

  • Mar 16, 2017

Why would President Trump sign a bill into law that limits his regulatory power?

  • Feb 2, 2017

Trump is mostly issuing memoranda, not orders.

  • Jan 30, 2017

Prediction: He’ll talk about unity today, but he’ll govern like a partisan.

  • Jan 20, 2017

Personnel is policy, as Reagan famously said.

  • Jan 10, 2017

Republicans are selling “stick it to Obama,” but would deliver “weakened presidency.” Will Trump buy it?

  • Jan 3, 2017
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