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Over the past week, first responders have carried thousands of injured pets to emergency veterinary hospitals.

  • Nov 17, 2018

Cold, soaking rain followed one to two inches of snow, the most in November since 1989.

  • Nov 15, 2018

Measurable snow hasn't fallen in November in more than two decades.

  • Nov 13, 2018

The Leonids have a history of producing amazing light shows.

  • Nov 12, 2018

On Monday, the National Hurricane Center gave it a 90 percent chance of developing into a tropical depression or storm by Friday.

  • Nov 12, 2018

A broad area of low pressure with a flanking cold front made democracy a little more taxing in the Mid-Atlantic, or at least a little more wet.

  • Nov 6, 2018

Next weekend, we rake.

  • Nov 5, 2018

Although the subject matter of their extremism may be different, the way in which neo-Nazis, the KKK and members of the Islamic State evolve from merely disgruntled to violently angry is the same.

  • Nov 1, 2018

Between the city sinking and the sea level rise, climate scientists predict Venice will be wholly under water by the end of this century.

  • Oct 30, 2018

Florence's winds are weakening, but some of its most devastating effects probably are yet to come.

  • Sep 14, 2018
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