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After years of currying favor with Beijing, a subtle rebalancing is underway — yet the Five Eyes member wants to keep some distance from President Trump.
  • Jul 6, 2020
Beijing is moving to tighten its control of the financial center despite Western objections.
  • Jun 21, 2020
More than 77,000 were tested over the weekend with another 200,000 tests planned.
  • Jun 15, 2020
Experts caution that even China, with all its controls, can’t expect to eliminate the coronavirus.
  • Jun 13, 2020
Beijing is aggressively trying to push its narrative but its tactics aren’t a patch on Russia’s efforts in the 2016 election campaign.
  • Jun 11, 2020
The academic said that allowing men to share a wife would help redress gender imbalances — although his suggestion has not endeared him to the country’s women.
  • Jun 10, 2020
Although China was likely relieved by the lack of specifics in Trump’s latest broadside, analysts say the relationship will only get even worse.
  • May 30, 2020
The democratic island has offered support to the people of Hong Kong as Beijing prepares a national security law that would dismantle the financial hub’s autonomy.
  • May 29, 2020
Beijing’s rubber-stamp parliament approved a plan to impose the far-reaching measures on the former British colony.
  • May 28, 2020
Clashes on the China-India border have raised fears of a broader confrontation.
  • May 27, 2020