U.S. officials say they are planning to implement new, more restrictive rules nationwide.

The U.S. Virgin Islands suffered power outages and Puerto Rico was largely unscathed, but Florida might feel the brunt of the storm.

The Category 1 hurricane is expected to intensify as it heads towards Florida.

Puerto Rico is preparing for landfall of the first tropical storm since Hurricane Maria two years ago, a potential test of its recovery and capabilities.

An explosion of African and Asian migrants traversing the isthmus has triggered new conversations about border security.

The Washington Post gets an inside look at U.S. Border Patrol's largest holding facility along the southwest border.

Washington Post journalists were given access to the McAllen, Tex., facility that has brought accusations of “kids in cages.”

Dion Green’s roof was ripped off in a freak tornado two months ago. Weeks later, a mass shooting took his father away from him, again upending his life.

The open repudiation of a visiting president in the aftermath of a mass tragedy was striking Tuesday as a growing chorus of critics made clear that Trump would not be universally welcome during a pair of condolence visits that will take Air Force One from the Rust Belt to the Southern border.

Justice Secretary Wanda Vásquez Garced, who is slated to succeed Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, has been dogged by accusations that she has mishandled the prosecution of members of her party.

Ricardo Rosselló, 40, released a recorded message late Wednesday evening announcing that he would step down effective Aug. 2.

Puerto Ricans are incensed by leaked group-chat messages in which Ricardo Rosselló and his closest collaborators insulted women and gay people, made light of Hurricane Maria’s dead and revealed potentially criminal behavior.

More than 1 million residents plan to join a national strike on Monday as discontent with island’s governance rises. But what comes next?

Protesters demand that Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, mired in allegations of corruption and scandal, step down. He has refused.

The new rule, to take effect Tuesday, would require asylum seekers to request refuge in countries they reach before they get to the United States. The decision is certain to draw legal challenges.

The 22-year-old woman was killed when her SUV was struck head-on by a pickup truck traveling in the wrong direction.

The woman, who has not been identified, was found dead in her bed, according to the fire department.

President Trump’s deadline for congressional action on the asylum process is Saturday.

Moody’s said that redirecting money budgeted for retiree health benefits was risky.

Prince George’s County police alerted federal agents after traffic stops and a fender bender.

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