Sanchez was fatally stabbed on the trail in Virginia on May 11.

Accused killer, 30, appeared in federal court in Virginia and was detained pending a psychiatric evaluation.

A man was killed, and a woman suffered stab wounds in the weekend assault.

The Prince George’s County, Md., school has a mostly Hispanic student population.

Opposition leader declared himself interim president in January; military remains loyal to Maduro

Analysts are watching for signs that this growing faithful could emerge as a political force.

A human rights organization says detainees are being held for longer and in worse conditions.

As a new president grew closer to Washington, Assange’s ouster from the country’s embassy in London seemed inevitable.

Amid a political stalemate, 20 million people in this oil-rich country have lost access to water in the past two weeks.

Regime lawmakers strip opposition leader of immunity in possible precursor to arrest.

Del. Jay Jalisi (D-Baltimore County) allegedly told staffers they were “stupid” and “incompetent.”

Senate approves foam ban as lawmakers vow $1 billion in new school funding over two years.

Lawmakers are to hold hearings Wednesday on drug pricing and transparency legislation.

In churches and halls of government, black residents wonder: Is this how you see us?

Democratic lawmaker was censured Thursday by House of Delegates but is refusing to step down.

White Democrat from Harford County used n-word to describe Prince George’s legislative district.

The bill would phase in wage over several years and exempt some workers.

A $15 minimum wage and a plastic foam ban will reach the floor for the first time after elections that pushed the legislature to the left.

The legislative proposal voted out of committee delays the increase schedule and preserves the tipped-wage credit for restaurant workers, others.

David M. Bossie, the president’s former deputy campaign manager, is trying to pressure Larry Hogan by lining up endorsements of Trump by prominent Republicans in the state.

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