Health and Human Services officials said the initiatives were part of the Trump administration's “pro-life mission."

  • Jan 19, 2018

Conservative groups praised the move as upholding providers’ right to religious liberty. But a number of women’s, LGBT rights and physician groups expressed worry that such a policy will further discriminate against vulnerable populations and worsen inequities within health care.

  • Jan 18, 2018

The Trump administration will announce the controversial policy on Thursday.

  • Jan 17, 2018

The findings appear to show that “women can safely and effectively use medication abortion on their own with minimal clinical supervision,” according to one of the researchers.

  • Jan 11, 2018

Women in rural areas have sexual intercourse for the first time at a younger age than women in urban areas, and they use different types of contraception.

  • Jan 10, 2018

A study suggests that a concentrated course of ibuprofen “alters human testicular physiology.”

  • Jan 10, 2018

“No one has the right to tell me that I have to kill my offspring,” says woman in case before the Colorado Supreme Court.

  • Jan 9, 2018

The study, published in JAMA, looked at data from 51,145 adults over age 50.

  • Dec 26, 2017

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) shared details on the fertility struggles he and his wife faced with their family.

  • Dec 8, 2017

More than a dozen gene manipulation clinical trials are underway for conditions like hemophilia and sickle cell disease.

  • Nov 16, 2017
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