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As states decide whether to open schools in the fall, teachers across the country worry their lives are being put at risk.
  • Jul 22, 2020
Portland protester Conner O'Shea described what he says were federal agents scouring the streets and making arrests in unmarked vans on July 15.
  • Jul 18, 2020
John R. Lewis, a civil rights titan and a formidable member of Congress for three decades, died at the age of 80 on July 17.
  • Jul 18, 2020
Esaw Snipes, the widow of Eric Garner, is starring in a film fictionalizing the trial that never happened after her husband's death.
  • Jul 17, 2020
Jo’Artis Ratti found comfort in dance as he searched for a way to express his frustrations during protests against the killing of George Floyd in Los Angeles.
  • Jun 6, 2020
A peaceful atmosphere dominated the sixth day of protests in D.C., that included families and a diverse crowd.
  • Jun 4, 2020
Health commissioner Roland Walker of Gary, Ind., found himself struggling to get coronavirus tests for his county, then his own parents fell ill.
  • Jun 3, 2020
Before clashes between protesters and police, and a night of chaos across D.C., there was a third day of mostly peaceful protests outside the White House.
  • Jun 1, 2020
Hundreds marched through the streets of Washington, D.C., on May 29 to protest the death of George Floyd.
  • May 30, 2020
As Minneapolis leaders begged for calm on May 28, residents and protesters reflected on the unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.
  • May 28, 2020