Latest from Bart Barnes
He saw himself as much an artist as a historian and won plaudits for his scenes of everyday — people past and present — going about their lives in the city.
  • Sep 16, 2020
He wrote several books, including a biography of Fed Chair Paul A. Volcker.
  • Aug 31, 2020
He was president of the National Press Club and an early advocate for the admission of women to full membership.
  • Jun 13, 2020
Dr. Kent was among the first in the Washington region to have used the procedure to clear blocked coronary arteries.
  • Jun 10, 2020
She spent 38 years as executive director of the American Veterans Committee and helped create the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.
  • Jun 4, 2020
He played with jazz luminaries and hosted a D.C. radio show promoting a musical belief system called “Sound Awareness.”
  • Jun 1, 2020
At the Alfalfa Club, his duties included the delicate diplomacy of assigning seats at an annual dinner for 700 high-ego leaders of government and business.
  • May 27, 2020
The world, Mr. Curtis often said, “is a singles bar.”
  • May 14, 2020
She was president of the Education Study Center and director of educational issues at the American Federation of Teachers.
  • May 8, 2020
“Parkinson’s symptoms build the way grass grows — imperceptibly,” he wrote in “A Life Shaken.”
  • May 4, 2020