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Privacy advocates say attempts to bypass encryption will create vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

  • Apr 10, 2015

Systems can allow foreign security services to slip malicious code into YouTube videos and Microsoft pages.

  • Aug 15, 2014

Tools capable of network injection exploits are being sold by commercial surveillance companies, a new report claims.

  • Aug 15, 2014

Barton Gellman discusses his reporting on NSA surveillance operations.

  • Jul 15, 2014

DEBRIEF | A look at how Post reporters sorted through chats, e-mails and photos intercepted by the NSA, and the legal and ethical dilemmas they faced.

  • Jul 11, 2014

Files provided by Edward Snowden show the extent ordinary Web users get caught in the net of surveillance.

  • Jul 5, 2014

Court provided agency with wider authority than previously known to intercept global communications.

  • Jun 30, 2014

NSA, former intelligence contractor try to shape debate over whether he tried to blow whistle before leak.

  • May 29, 2014

The surveillance system is capable of recording “100 percent” of calls in at least one foreign country.

  • Mar 18, 2014

President does not include ingestion of tens of trillions of records about phone calls, e-mails and locations.

  • Jan 17, 2014
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Barton Gellman writes for the national staff. He has contributed to three Pulitzer Prizes for The Washington Post, most recently the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

He is also a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and visiting lecturer at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School. After 21 years at The Post, where he served tours as legal, military, diplomatic, and Middle East correspondent, Gellman resigned in 2010 to concentrate on book and magazine writing. He returned on temporary assignment in 2013 and 2014 to anchor The Post's coverage of the NSA disclosures after receiving an archive of classified documents from Edward Snowden.

Gellman is writing a book for Penguin Press on the secret history of the surveillance-industrial state. His previous books include the bestselling Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency (Los Angeles Times Book Prize, New York Times Best Books of 2008) and Contending with Kennan: Toward a Philosophy of American Power.

Online: and @bartongellman.

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