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Outspoken conservative loses job over ‘problematic’ comments

“Let’s just say that what she’s said was offensive to me, and many others,” said one Republican lobbyist of Rep. Liz Cheney’s Trump criticisms.
  • May 12, 2021

She’s chasing a Washington dream. He’s the Night Mayor.

Symone Sanders works for Vice President Harris. Her fiance, Shawn Townsend, works for D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Meet the young power couple trying to shape Washington’s new normal.
  • May 8, 2021

Trump got evicted from ‘the swamp.’ Some of his people are trying to stick around.

For top lieutenants like Reince Priebus, Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway, the water is fine.
  • Apr 6, 2021

Neera Tanden’s confirmation fight is the first morality play of post-Trump Washington

The White House is still backing her, despite old posts that have upset many across the aisle. But there’s more to this drama than tweets.
  • Feb 28, 2021

Donald Trump’s version of an insanity defense: His critics are insane

How “Trump Derangement Syndrome” became part of the former president’s impeachment trial.
  • Feb 12, 2021

Kamala D. Harris’s most trusted adviser: Her sister Maya

Kamala Harris's sister Maya has been a key adviser but now fades into the background.
  • Jan 11, 2021

All the president’s ‘Guys’

Checking in with the oddballs, misfits and bit players of the Trump show as it wraps.
  • Nov 19, 2020

HUD Secretary Ben Carson tests positive for the coronavirus

Carson was at the White House on Tuesday for the election night party.
  • Nov 9, 2020

It’s not you, Nate. It’s us. (And maybe a little you.)

It might be time to end our toxic relationship with election forecasters. And it’s not necessarily their fault.
  • Nov 5, 2020

So, while we’re waiting . . . will Mike Pence ever be president?

Hey, the 2024 race is about to begin! Will four (or eight) years as Trump’s loyal No. 2 pay off?
  • Oct 31, 2020