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Flint has replaced over 10,000 lead pipes. Earning back trust is proving harder.

The city’s effort to remove lead pipes shows what’s possible with funding and political will. But along with relief, residents express distrust and exhaustion from years of crisis.
  • Sep 17, 2021

U.S., Europe plan joint push to cut methane — and convince other nations to follow suit

The Global Methane Pledge aims to cut emissions of the potent greenhouse gas by at least 30 percent by the end of the decade.
  • Sep 14, 2021

People around the world increasingly see climate change as a personal threat, new poll finds

The Pew survey also found that the two largest greenhouse gas emitters, the United States and China, get low marks from other countries for their climate policies.
  • Sep 14, 2021

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

President Biden is unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy, while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.
  • Sep 10, 2021

Activists push for delay of U.N. climate summit, as heads of churches issue unprecedented joint statement

British officials responded to the activists' call by promising to cover traveling delegates' quarantine costs.
  • Sep 7, 2021

Kerry calls on China to do more to tackle climate change crisis as China warns U.S. pressure will derail cooperation

China says the challenge of tackling global warming cannot be separated from broader diplomatic tensions.
  • Sep 2, 2021

Federal judge throws out Trump administration rule allowing the draining and filling of streams, marshes and wetlands

A federal judge reversed one of the previous administration’s most significant environmental rollbacks.
  • Aug 31, 2021
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Biden’s climate agenda is bold. Is it enough?

Climate legislation moves forward as a U.N. report warns that humans have pushed the climate into "unprecedented" territory unless greenhouse gas pollution falls dramatically. President Biden has big goals to cut that pollution. Will his agenda succeed?
  • Aug 12, 2021

Biden aims for sweeping climate action as infrastructure, budget bills advance

The legislation supporting renewable energy, electric cars, power lines and public transit comes as U.N. climate scientists warn the world is running out of time.
  • Aug 11, 2021

Humans have pushed the climate into ‘unprecedented’ territory, landmark U.N. report finds

A U.N. science group says humans have caused “unprecedented” global warming and that only humans can prevent it from worsening.
  • Aug 10, 2021