Several cities in the Muslim-majority country have banned the holiday, which critics there say is rooted in Christianity.

  • Feb 14, 2018

The warning was lifted after tense hours following the quake, which some monitoring agencies placed at magnitude 8.2.

  • Jan 23, 2018

The meeting in Brussels with Iran’s foreign minister highlighted the clear divide between Europe and the Trump administration over the nuclear accord.

  • Jan 11, 2018

A week of competing protests and widespread unrest highlights deep economic and social fissures in the Islamic Republic.

  • Jan 3, 2018

The former monarch, once banished from his homeland, returned in the 1990s to assume a role of elder statesman as Romania built ties to the West.

  • Dec 5, 2017

Jamie Harron was trying to stop his drink from spilling. Now he is the subject of the latest anecdote illustrating just how different things are in Dubai.

  • Oct 23, 2017

The mayor of Nice plans a meeting next month to study ways to better confront the trend of vehicles used as tools of terrorism.

  • Aug 18, 2017

Twenty-three personnel have already been rescued.

  • Aug 7, 2017

With sanctions gone, France had moved aggressively to regain footholds in Iran.

  • Jul 3, 2017

The bloodshed underscored Iran’s shared battle against ISIS even as Washington steps up its pressure on the country.

  • Jun 7, 2017
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