Camila DeChalus

Washington, D.C.

Reporter focusing on Congress and national politics

Education: American University, BA in broadcast journalism

Camila DeChalus is a congressional reporter for The Washington Post who focuses on Capitol Hill, national politics and political campaigns. She previously worked at Business Insider, where she reported on Congress, political campaigns and legal affairs since 2021. You can follow Camila’s work on TikTok.
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As Trump hits the trail in two states, some vulnerabilities come into focus

Trump campaigned in New Hampshire and then headed to South Carolina on Saturday, amid growing Republican interest in elevating other standard-bearers

January 28, 2023

In George Santos’s district, voters feel a mix of regret and resignation

George Santos’ constituents say they once saw him as a fresh face for the Republican party. But Santos’ tenure was in disarray before it even started. Caught in the middle are his voters.

January 24, 2023

Who is George Santos, anyway?

Who is George Santos, and why does it seem as though everyone on Capitol Hill is talking about him? Today, we have the story of the embattled lawmaker and why some voters in his district want him removed from his seat.

January 19, 2023

    The U.S. House footage we don't usually get to see

    This week brought an unusual amount of drama as the American public watched lawmakers struggle to select a new House speaker.

    January 6, 2023

      With the House in chaos, C-SPAN shows footage Americans don’t usually see

      With no House speaker, the C-SPAN livestream can catch interactions normally left out of view for the American public. Here are some remarkable clips.

      January 5, 2023

        What lies ahead for George Santos as a member of Congress

        New York Republican George Santos, who is accused of fabricating details from his past, started his new congressional job Jan. 3.

        January 5, 2023

        The talented Mr. Santos: A congressman-elect’s unraveling web of deception

        Even by the low standards for truth-telling in politics, the scope of the falsehoods from the newly elected House Republican has been breathtaking.

        December 31, 2022

        U.S. House blocks TikTok on official devices ahead of government ban

        Once President Biden signs the omnibus spending bill, federal government employees will not be allowed to install the video app or must delete it from government devices.

        December 28, 2022

        Zelensky visit highlights GOP divisions on Ukraine looming over future aid

        The disagreements will take on greater significance starting early next year when the GOP assumes control of the House with a narrow majority.

        December 22, 2022

          Former police officers react to final Jan. 6 hearing

          We spoke with former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone and former Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell at the final Jan. 6 committee hearing.

          December 20, 2022