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The former DHS official revealed himself this week as the author of a New York Times op-ed and book sharply critical of President Trump.
  • Oct 30, 2020
Ethics experts say the president’s adult children could have chosen not to charge the government.
  • Oct 12, 2020
Although the White House has described Trump’s stop as part of a “routine” checkup, there were multiple signs that it did not follow the typical protocol for a planned presidential visit.
  • Oct 8, 2020
Long before the president contracted covid-19, some former colleagues said they were disappointed in what they view as his lack of independence from White House politics.
  • Oct 7, 2020
“He’s not even pretending to care now,” said one agent after the president’s jaunt outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
  • Oct 4, 2020
Mask-wearing had become rare among the president’s staff, and he rejected precautions before he tested positive.
  • Oct 2, 2020
The Atlantic cites four unnamed people with firsthand knowledge of the president’s comments. The White House calls the claims “false.”
  • Sep 4, 2020
Peter Navarro has faced an internal investigation into his treatment of colleagues, and now two of his coronavirus-related actions are under internal scrutiny.
  • Sep 2, 2020
Broidy, who helped raise millions for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Republican Party, is under scrutiny for his alleged role in foreign lobbying efforts.
  • Sep 1, 2020
The president’s insistence on traveling and addressing crowds has increased the strain on the agency.
  • Aug 28, 2020