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Advice columnist Carolyn Hax answers your questions about the strange train we call life.
  • May 14, 2021

Carolyn Hax: A small child misuses a phone? Then an adult is the problem.

Your friend let a 4-year-old look at her phone and the child found videos of people harming animals. What do you do?
  • May 10, 2021

Carolyn Hax: You hate your husband’s pandemic beard. Now what?

A letter-writer hates to hate the beard her husband grew during the pandemic. Can she ask him to change it?
  • May 9, 2021

Carolyn Hax: How to deal with stress when you can’t turn off the news

What can you do for stress relief when you have to monitor the news for work?
  • May 8, 2021

Carolyn Hax live chat: I just found out I have cancer. How do I get through the weekend?

Advice columnist Carolyn Hax answers your questions about the strange train we call life.
  • May 7, 2021

Carolyn Hax: If you give up on the friend zone, is that winning, or quitting?

Should you give up on a friend who likes you, but doesn’t “like you” like you?
  • May 7, 2021

Carolyn Hax: Grieving a miscarriage and getting help from an unlikely place

A letter writer accidentally overheard her sister defend her after a miscarriage. How can she thank her?
  • May 6, 2021

Carolyn Hax: ‘Working with your hands’ is bad? Let’s see how they think on their feet.

How to respond when your family, who value only education and higher degrees, keep dismissing your career with, “You must like working with your hands.”
  • May 5, 2021

Carolyn Hax: Mother transitions to fully embarrassing stance on transgender child

Your mom’s attention to you during your bad times is not enough to give her a pass for her shameful treatment of your transgender sister.
  • May 4, 2021

Carolyn Hax: Demanding a paternity test without cause fails the good-husband test

The letter-writer’s husband says it isn’t “fair” that a mother always knows the baby is hers while the father can never be 100 percent sure.
  • May 3, 2021