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The quest for a pill to fight viruses gets a $3.2 billion boost

The Biden administration will invest $3.2 billion to find new antiviral drugs, modeling the investment after the one that helped stimulate development of drugs that transformed HIV.
  • Jun 17, 2021

CureVac, latest experimental coronavirus vaccine, proved just 47 percent effective amid spread of variants, preliminary analysis shows

The trial in 10 countries in Latin America and Europe will continue, and a final result is not expected until the end of June. The CureVac vaccine is of key importance to Europe, which has preordered 225 million doses.
  • Jun 16, 2021

Novavax’s coronavirus vaccine is 90 percent effective, study finds

Vaccinated people were completely protected against severe and even moderate cases of illness by the two-shot regimen in a 30,000-person trial conducted when variants had begun to complicate the pandemic in the United States and Mexico.
  • Jun 14, 2021

As millions of doses near expiration date, FDA extends the shelf life of J.&J.’s vaccine by six weeks

The extension may give states extra time to rapidly use hundreds of thousands of Johnson & Johnson doses, some set to expire as soon as June 23.
  • Jun 10, 2021

FDA advisers debate standards on a coronavirus vaccine for young children

Executives from Pfizer and Moderna have said that data showing whether their vaccines are effective in younger children are expected by fall.
  • Jun 10, 2021

Yes, we’ll all probably need a coronavirus booster shot. But which one?

For people eager to put the health crisis behind them, the relief of being vaccinated is being replaced by a new worry. Is immunity a ticking clock? Should they plan a family wedding this fall? Will everyone need booster shots? When?
  • May 27, 2021

Moderna says teens receiving its vaccine developed a protective immune shield

The Moderna shot could become the second coronavirus vaccine available to adolescents as young as 12.
  • May 25, 2021

Your questions about coronavirus vaccines, answered

With three coronavirus vaccines receiving federal clearance, we answer your questions — from when you should get vaccinated to how they work and how they were made so quickly.
  • May 24, 2021

What you should know about coronavirus vaccines for younger adolescents

Now, that the Food and Drug Administration has cleared the first coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in children as young as 12, families are sure to have questions about the Pfizer-BioNTech shot and when it will become available.
  • May 12, 2021

Maker of latest experimental vaccine will not seek authorization until July at the earliest

The Novavax coronavirus shot, which relies on a more traditional technology, could be a key tool in the global effort to fight the pandemic.
  • May 10, 2021