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America is not exceptional after all

Why Biden is right to seek national unity — in spite of everything.
  • Jan 18, 2021
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Why Big Tech’s attempt to stifle free speech could be futile — or worse

It’s understandable, inevitable, even healthy in a way — but counterproductive.
  • Jan 11, 2021
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Trump is playing an Orwellian numbers game

The president makes a mathematical impossibility the test of party loyalty.
  • Jan 4, 2021
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The Supreme Court considers when the U.S. can judge other nations’ human rights violations

The court ponders retrospective justice for Germany, Hungary — and the U.S.
  • Dec 28, 2020
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Those who lied about opioids face few serious consequences. No wonder people are angry.

Can half a million people suffer avoidable death but no one in particular is to blame?
  • Dec 21, 2020
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Bob Dylan’s genius was rewarded by the system — and the tax code

How a windfall for singer-songwriters shows the irrationality of our tax system.
  • Dec 14, 2020
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Economics is going through an intellectual revolution on public debt

The borrow-and-spend revolution is at hand.
  • Dec 7, 2020
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Presidents should use the pardon power more — just not like Trump

Trump’s abuses should not discredit a magnificent power of the presidency.
  • Nov 30, 2020
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Money didn’t buy love in the 2020 election

Republicans and Democrats are expected to have spent $14 billion by the time this “cycle” finishes.
  • Nov 23, 2020
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The quality of polling is a symptom of a democracy’s health

There’s no obvious quick fix to restoring the political discourse.
  • Nov 16, 2020