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Policy positions and profiles of D.C. council at-large candidates.
  • Oct 16, 2020
It took the United States almost a century and a half to have a female federal judge. In 2020, the number of federal judges who are women still barely surpass 25 percent.
  • Sep 21, 2020
The U.S. electoral system uses the electoral college to elect a president. Under this system, the candidate with the most votes doesn't necessarily win the election, as happened in 2016 with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
  • Aug 24, 2020
How does the coronavirus compare to other major causes of death in an average week?
  • Apr 16, 2020
The people and events described in the whistleblower complaint.
  • Oct 1, 2019
The Department of Defense will finally have a confirmed secretary after more than seven months with acting positions at the top. The situation is far from being an isolated case. Acting heads of Cabinet-level positions have become common under President Trump.
  • Jul 24, 2019
If the World Cup marked the point where you got interested in women's soccer, here's how and where you can keep up with the National Women Soccer League (NWSL) and where you can find the World Cup stars near your city.
  • Jul 11, 2019
The Mueller reports, indictments and other court documents related to the Special counsel investigation have made public several storylines of problematic behavior during the 2016 presidential campaign, transition and first years of the Trump administration
  • Apr 20, 2019