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The Justice Department appointed Mueller to serve as special counsel to oversee the FBI investigation of Russia’s effort to influence the 2016 presidential election and whether the Russian government coordinated with associates of Donald Trump. Mueller, who also was authorized to examine other issues that might arise from the investigation, has led a wide-ranging inquiry.

  • May 16, 2018

From the moment the Facebook founder entered the public eye in 2003 for creating a Harvard student hot-or-not rating site, he’s been apologizing. So we collected this abbreviated history of his public mea culpas.

  • Apr 9, 2018

No one expected President Trump to win over his skeptics in one speech. And judging by some of the Congressional reaction, it’s possible he exacerbated the divisions.

  • Jan 31, 2018

Russians approached at least nine people in Trump’s orbit during the campaign and presidential transition.

  • Nov 5, 2017

The Post-U. Md. survey reveals a starkly pessimistic view of the U.S. political system.

  • Oct 28, 2017

After days of terrifying predictions, preparation and evacuations, Irma arrived in the Florida Keys on Sunday morning and on the Florida mainland Sunday afternoon.

  • Sep 10, 2017

Irma’s maximum sustained winds were measured at 185 mph on Tuesday. Only one Atlantic storm in recorded history has exceeded that level.

  • Sep 6, 2017

The storm is big, fast and speeding westward toward Puerto Rico and Florida

  • Sep 5, 2017

President Trump’s West Wing staff has had more turnover than in previous administrations. So far, many of the major departures have been people linked to the Republican Party.

  • Aug 4, 2017
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