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Biden’s child tax credit should be obvious. Yet the result is revolutionary.

The administration employed strategies that produce buy-in up and down the income ladder.
  • Jul 19, 2021
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We’re making the wrong argument for a four-day workweek

Imagine one extra day a week for learning a skill, taking long walks, connecting with family and friends.
  • Jul 7, 2021
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The Fourth is for complainers

For Black Americans in particular, the act of complaint should rightly be seen as a remarkable expression of commitment to the belief in a better America.
  • Jul 3, 2021
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U.S. Catholic bishops show that pastoralism is out and partisanship is in

In going after President Biden, the church is looking less like a moral institution and more like a political one.
  • Jun 24, 2021
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Think Juneteenth is only a symbolic win? Celebrate anyway.

A new holiday won’t fix material injustices. But symbols accomplish something, too.
  • Jun 16, 2021
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Is it time to limit personal wealth?

How much is too much?
  • Jun 12, 2021
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Naomi Osaka’s silence speaks volumes

The decision by 23-year-old tennis phenomenon Naomi Osaka to not compete in the French Open is doing the sport a favor — even if tournament organizers don't realize it.
  • Jun 2, 2021
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Why conservatives really fear critical race theory

Anti-CRT pushback is an emotional defense against unwanted change, not an intellectual disagreement.
  • May 26, 2021
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Yes, you’re cheugy. But it’s fine!

Millennials are obsessed with being cheugy because they’re scared of getting old.
  • May 16, 2021
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When it comes to Biden’s child-care provisions, the GOP actually has a point

Not all parents want to work outside the home. Republicans have actually given Democrats a chance to rethink the status quo.
  • May 7, 2021