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Uneven access to green spaces is a health risk that can affect longevity and mental health.
  • Jul 31, 2020
House voting patterns skew heavily toward the needs of the rich, but researchers say a large unionized constituency can alter that dynamic.
  • Jul 27, 2020
Americans are used to being told that we can't have what other countries enjoy. But the pandemic may be a tipping point.
  • Jul 22, 2020
Two studies examine the causes and consequences of a surge in gun sales during the pandemic and after protests broke out following the killing of George Floyd.
  • Jul 15, 2020
Two new studies find that people exposed to pandemics in their formative years carry psychological scars for the rest of their lives.
  • Jul 5, 2020
Such a requirement could protect the public while avoiding some of the pain of an economic shutdown, Goldman Sachs researchers find.
  • Jun 30, 2020
"Greater exposure to Hannity relative to Tucker Carlson Tonight increased the number of total cases and deaths in the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic," researchers say.
  • Jun 25, 2020
Brookings Institution researchers estimate that 300,000 to 500,000 fewer babies will be born in the coming year as a result of the covid-19 recession.
  • Jun 17, 2020
Nearly 1 in 6 coronavirus infections in Illinois can be traced back to the Cook County Jail, study shows.
  • Jun 12, 2020
The topic is understudied, but virtually all of the work that has been done points to the same conclusion.
  • Jun 10, 2020