Colby Itkowitz

Washington, D.C.

Congress, campaigns, health policy, Pennsylvania politics

Education: Hofstra University, BA in print journalism and political science

Colby Itkowitz has covered Washington policy and politics for most of her career. Since coming to the Post in March 2014, she's covered national politics, health policy, anchored the 'Inspired Life' blog, and written about the quirks of the federal government and campaigns for the famed 'In the Loop' column. She was previously The Morning Call’s D.C. correspondent. Prior to that, she covered Capitol Hill, transportation policy, for Congressional Quarterly.
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Women who support Trump cite party, economy over sexual misconduct

Women in a key swing county in Pennsylvania say they'd still vote for Trump, even after a New York jury found Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation of E. Jean Carroll.

May 28, 2023

Republicans deploy new playbook for abortion bans, citing political backlash

GOP lawmakers in North Carolina and Nebraska are casting new 12-week bans as “mainstream,” while Democrats say they are “cruel and extreme”

May 20, 2023

Where 2024 presidential candidates stand on abortion bans

Here are the positions of the leading 2024 Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on abortion, as well as those making moves to enter the race.

May 19, 2023

Nebraska ban on gender-affirming care and abortion heads to final vote

A less restrictive version of an abortion bill defeated by one vote last month was attached to a ban on transgender care for minors before being approved.

May 16, 2023

A GOP Nebraska lawmaker chose his voters over his party with abortion vote

Nebraska state Sen. Merv Riepe’s vote blocking a near-total abortion ban reflects a growing realization among some GOP lawmakers that staking extreme positions on abortion might be out of step with voters.

May 7, 2023

    ‘People are tired of seeing old White men being presidents’

    We asked Democratic voters if they want Biden to run for reelection.

    April 24, 2023

    Democrats reluctant about Biden 2024, but they see no other choice

    They are lukewarm about picking Biden as their nominee, but many believe he may be the best hope of preventing a second Trump term and fighting extremism.

    April 24, 2023

    Abortion divides 2024 candidates and confounds many within the GOP

    Presidential hopefuls have struggled to settle on a position amid warning signs that Republicans are on the wrong side of public opinion on abortion rights.

    April 20, 2023

    Tim Scott says he would sign ‘the most conservative pro-life legislation’ Congress can pass

    The South Carolina senator has given a series of conflicting and vague answers on banning abortion since he launched his 2024 presidential bid

    April 14, 2023

    Republican Sen. Tim Scott launches presidential exploratory committee

    The move signals in the strongest terms yet Sen. Tim Scott's intent to enter the 2024 Republican presidential race.

    April 12, 2023