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The president’s “Salute to America” speech takes place amid policies that fail to live up to the country’s principles of justice and equality.

  • Jul 2, 2019

Black women often have spearheaded the fight for reparations, but it’s time they put their needs front and center.

  • Jun 25, 2019

Every arrest, court hearing and verdict is reported, offering family members of victims a way to track legal developments in a case.

  • Jun 18, 2019

One of the goals of the Junior Tennis Champions Center is to build players into college scholarship recipients.

  • Jun 8, 2019

They can’t agree when they met, maybe at age 4, but their bonds have sustained them.

  • May 28, 2019

Life expectancy in Southeast is 21 years less than that of residents in Northwest.

  • May 14, 2019

The Oscar nominee, and many others, battle diseases that can be treated with lifestyle changes.

  • May 7, 2019

Doctoral students at the HBCU have been looking at how people get displaced and what can be done to benefit everyone.

  • Apr 30, 2019

Eric Weaver Jr. had a job, a good place to live and a support system. Finding out what led to his fatal shooting should be a priority.

  • Apr 23, 2019

A lot of Brits could certainly use a shot of reality.

  • Aug 12, 2011
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