Danielle Paquette

Washington, D.C.

National Correspondent, America Desk

Education: Indiana University, BA in journalism

Danielle Paquette is a national correspondent for The Washington Post's America Desk. She previously served as West Africa bureau chief and has reported from more than 20 countries on four continents. Paquette joined The Post in 2014, starting as a roving economics reporter. A native of Indiana, she has also worked for the Tampa Bay Times and the Los Angeles Times.
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As S.C. abortion vote nears, GOP women rebuke the men: ‘It’s always about control’

The uncomfortably personal stalemate in South Carolina reflects a broader divide between GOP lawmakers and voters.

May 22, 2023

Why are Americans shooting strangers and neighbors? ‘It all goes back to fear.’

Republicans say crime is rising, even though the numbers paint a more complicated picture. Experts say that anxiety might help explain the recent spate of shootings.

April 30, 2023

The Florida sheriff vs. the neo-Nazi ‘scumbags’

After a group of neo-Nazis moved to Florida, Volusia County’s top cop grappled with how to handle.

April 20, 2023

The dreams and limits of Oregon’s hotline against hate

Oregon's approach to addressing bias is gaining momentum across the country as the U.S. contends with a rise in prejudicial abuse and limited recourse.

March 29, 2023

The untold story of Jimmy Carter, his best friend and a murder charge

A.D. Davis was the nephew of Black sharecroppers who worked on the Carter family farm. Then he ran into trouble.

March 25, 2023

Jimmy Carter’s tiny hometown braces to say goodbye

Plains, Ga., which former president Carter made famous, waits as "Mr. Jimmy" chooses to enter hospice care.

February 20, 2023

Paul Pelosi attack video shows break-in, assault with hammer

A judge agreed to release body-camera footage shown in court of the October assault on Rep. Nancy Pelosi's husband.

January 27, 2023

Calif. shootings shared an oddity: Both suspects were senior citizens

The gunman who killed 11 people in Monterey Park and the man suspected of killing seven in Half Moon Bay are among the oldest suspected mass shooters in U.S. history.

January 25, 2023

After California massacres, Asian Americans shoulder the grief

More mass killings, more collective grief — and this time, Asian Americans and immigrants are shouldering the bulk of the agony.

January 24, 2023

Tenth body found after tornadoes tore through Alabama, Georgia

Ten people were killed by the storms, eight in Alabama and two in Georgia, including a 5-year-old and a state employee responding to damage.

January 13, 2023