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Darryl Fears

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Honeybees in Asia and Europe had learned to live separately with a pest and a disease. Then humans came along and mixed them, with catastrophic results.

  • Feb 5, 2016

Scientists think they have unlocked a way to bring back critically endangered coral in the Caribbean. It starts with sex.

  • Feb 3, 2016

Some environmental groups contend that the federal government should allow more wilderness blazes to burn.

  • Jan 17, 2016

Canada’s indigenous people on the Pacific coast have relied on fish to sustain them for years. What will happen when climate change compel them to swim away?

  • Jan 13, 2016

A look back at the worst wildfire season on record. Officials say that in an era of climate change, they’re going to keep getting worse.

  • Jan 6, 2016

Everyone knows wild lions are hunted in Africa. But few people know about those that are bred and raised in cages, then released to be shot by a hunter. Most of them are Americans. A new federal rule might end “canned hunts.“

  • Jan 5, 2016

Unprecedented storms sent temperatures soaring across the Arctic, whipped the United Kingdom with hurricane-force winds and spawned massive flooding in South America and the American Midwest.

  • Dec 30, 2015

The weird and continuing saga of intersex fish. They start life as boys, so why do they have eggs in their testes?

  • Dec 30, 2015

A “hardening” of the shore with concrete means fish and crabs lose a habitat that once nurtured them.

  • Dec 26, 2015

Lions become the last big cat on the endangered species list.

  • Dec 21, 2015
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