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Polling is broken. No one knows how to fix it.

Our compass is broken. Let the voter beware.
  • Jul 22, 2021

Joe Manchin is trying to outrun a realignment

The West Virginia senator is the squeaky wheel of the Democratic Party.
  • Jun 29, 2021
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House Republicans have two critical advantages in 2022

Democrats have control of Congress now. But the GOP has two key advantages heading into 2022.
  • Jun 14, 2021

Demographics were expected to push Florida left. Instead, they nudged it to the right.

Florida is a diverse state with growing cities. Similar states, such as Arizona and Georgia, have shifted towards Democrats. So why did Florida pull right?
  • Jun 2, 2021
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Tiny, fragile majorities will be the Senate’s new normal

Here’s the 2022 landscape and what it means.
  • May 10, 2021
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Texas’s population and political power are growing. Here’s why.

Texas has built an economic growth machine. That's bringing in people — and political power.
  • May 3, 2021
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Why California’s population boom has stalled

The state had problems long before covid-19 hit.
  • Mar 31, 2021
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Republicans now enjoy unmatched power in the states. It was a 40-year effort.

Democrats may be able to win the White House. In state capitols? They're out of juice.
  • Feb 18, 2021
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Who helped Biden get the most votes in history?

An examination of the data reveals surprising patterns — and foreshadows a new direction for the Democratic Party.
  • Jan 20, 2021
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Trump lost, but he won millions of new voters. Where did they come from?

Despite losing to Joe Biden, the president found votes in some surprising places. Future Republican candidates should pay attention.
  • Jan 5, 2021