David Montgomery

Washington, D.C.

Reporter on the Washington Post Magazine, writing general features, profiles and arts stories

Education: Princeton University; University of Michigan

David Montgomery was a reporter at the Buffalo News before joining The Washington Post in 1993. He covered Prince George’s County, politics in Maryland and life in D.C., then became a feature writer in the Style section. Now he writes general features, profiles and arts stories for the Washington Post Magazine, including pieces on the Latino community.
Latest from David Montgomery

    Inside the Pentagon’s $82 million Super Bowl of robots

    This three-year competition raises the question: How long until humans are obsolete?

    November 10, 2021

      What Wyoming really thinks of Liz Cheney

      I traveled 2,100 miles across the state to figure out if she is doomed — and to glimpse the future of the Republican Party.

      October 7, 2021

        Merrick Garland will not deliver your catharsis

        Progressives want a dramatic de-Trumpification of the Justice Department. But the attorney general has a different theory of how to heal America.

        July 19, 2021

        Descendants of men from horrifying Tuskegee study want to calm virus vaccine fears

        Some feel a duty to use the education and empowerment that their forefathers lacked.

        April 27, 2021

          Inside one of the biggest public service campaigns in U.S. history: selling the coronavirus vaccines to uneasy Americans

          The Ad Council and its partners had to find a message that a fractured nation could somehow agree on. Here's how they did it.

          April 26, 2021

            Climate news is relentlessly, objectively grim. Should we ever allow ourselves to feel optimism?

            Terry Tempest Williams, Naomi Shihab Nye and other writers and activists on where they find hope.

            April 12, 2021

            How terrorists became the unspoken architects of the Capitol

            After M19’s Capitol bombing in 1983, security tightened — and stayed that way.

            February 22, 2021

            Miriam Carey was shot at 26 times by law enforcement near the Capitol in 2013. Her sister contrasts her fate to the treatment of the Jan. 6 rioters.

            “When incidents occur in Washington that people make parallels to Miriam, it just creates a great sense of anxiety and hurt and sadness, knowing that she wasn’t given consideration.”

            January 19, 2021

              24 Warning Signs of an Insurrection That Should Have Been Obvious

              And 11 shameful rationalizations that prevented so many Americans from seeing how bad things were getting.

              January 14, 2021

                Why it has fallen to the bereaved to demand attention for covid’s human toll

                These families are turning their grief into action to save themselves and others — and to begin to heal our collective trauma.

                December 7, 2020