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The artificial-intelligence surveillance network has raised major questions for some students, parents and teachers, who voiced concerns about its accuracy, invasiveness and effectiveness — or whether the technology could ever understand a school campus like a human can.

  • Feb 13, 2019

Chief executive Elon Musk has told employees that the company, long regarded as a luxury automaker, needs “to reach more customers who can afford our vehicles” if it wants to grow and compete.

  • Jan 30, 2019

The frenzy of air travel was a key part of Musk’s journey to becoming a global celebrity, showing how suddenly his attention could switch between his ambitious ventures.

  • Jan 29, 2019

The new research is raising concerns about how biased results could tarnish the artificial-intelligence technology’s exploding use by police and in public venues, including airports and schools.

  • Jan 25, 2019

Tesla is racing to reliably build a more affordable electric car, but investment analysts are increasingly skeptical: “The car still does not exist."

  • Jan 23, 2019

Conspiracy theories about the health of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have dominated YouTube this week, illustrating how the world’s most popular video site is failing to prevent its algorithm from helping popularize viral hoaxes and misinformation.

  • Jan 11, 2019

The once-invincible retail behemoth teeters on the brink of liquidation, and some workers doubt a billionaire's takeover bid will slow its rapid decline.

  • Jan 8, 2019

Johansson, one of the world's highest-paid actresses, spoke to The Washington Post in an exclusive interview: "The Internet is just another place where sex sells and vulnerable people are preyed upon."

  • Dec 31, 2018

"Deepfake" creators target both celebrities and everyday women with photos taken from the Web. Even Scarlett Johansson says she's powerless to fight them.

  • Dec 30, 2018

That showdown has exposed deep rancor at a tech giant that has become infamous for its head-turning cars, high-pressure workloads — and Musk, its unyielding boss.

  • Jun 21, 2018
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