Dylan Moriarty

Madison, Wis.

Graphics reporter focusing on cartography

Education: University of Wisconsin at Madison, BS in History

Dylan Moriarty is a graphics reporter and cartographer at The Washington Post. Before joining The Post, he worked as a cartographer at the Wall Street Journal, primarily covering U.S. news.
Latest from Dylan Moriarty

    Are home prices falling? See what it’s like in your area.

    Home prices are falling in housing markets around the country after surging during the pandemic. But where you live makes a huge difference.

    May 23, 2023

      The science behind California’s extremely wet winter, in maps

      Atmospheric rivers and cold winter storms have pummeled California since December, deluging the state with rain and building up extreme snow totals.

      April 7, 2023

      Four maps explain how Finland could alter NATO’s security

      The move will transform Europe’s security landscape for years to come — and further strain relations with Russia.

      April 3, 2023

        Am I eligible for Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan? Try this tool

        Use this tool to see if you're eligible for President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. The rules are a little more complicated than you might think.

        February 27, 2023

          How the U.S. improvised a plan to deal with a Chinese balloon

          The arrival of a Chinese high-altitude balloon in U.S. airspace called for a measure of creativity and forced military planners to improvise a response.

          February 23, 2023

            How do stratospheric balloons work? Here’s a visual guide.

            How do balloons similar to the Chinese balloon work? How do these balloons fly? Where is China's balloon headed? We put together a visual explainer.

            February 4, 2023

              See how much snow your hometown gets for the holidays

              Look up how snowy your hometown has been for winter holidays going back to 1940

              December 15, 2022

                How quickly midterm votes were counted

                These maps show how quickly different parts of the country tabulated elections results in 2022 Senate and House races.

                November 30, 2022

                Tracking the path of Nicole

                Track the latest forecasts, maps and projected path of Tropical Storm Nicole as it moves from the Atlantic Ocean through the Bahamas toward Florida.

                November 10, 2022

                An epic trip in Germany, through the eyes of a sketch artist

                An epic German trip from Munich to Berlin gets sketched in drawings of fountains, castles and beer steins.

                October 15, 2022