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His followers have good reasons to be upset. Democrats should listen to them.

  • Nov 29, 2015

It is the spirit of Thanksgiving, and a way of life.

  • Nov 25, 2015

Standing strong against terrorism includes avoiding self-inflicted wounds.

  • Nov 22, 2015

A new poll finds agreement on economic issues but sharp divides on race and immigration.

  • Nov 18, 2015

Tragedy intrudes on an unserious campaign season.

  • Nov 15, 2015

Death rates have spiked for the white working class, and Democrats must do something about it.

  • Nov 11, 2015

Chris Christie, booted from Tuesday’s main debate, seems to get what others in his party don’t.

  • Nov 8, 2015

A few bright spots aside, Tuesday’s results point to continuing polarization.

  • Nov 4, 2015

Republicans are gloomy about the country’s future and view government as the problem.

  • Nov 1, 2015

Carly Fiorina was the big winner, especially in the first part of the debate.

  • Sep 17, 2015
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E.J. Dionne writes about politics in a twice-weekly column and on the PostPartisan blog. He is also a senior fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, a government professor at Georgetown University and a frequent commentator on politics for National Public Radio, ABC’s “This Week” and NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Before joining The Post in 1990 as a political reporter, Dionne spent 14 years at the New York Times, where he covered politics and reported from Albany, Washington, Paris, Rome and Beirut. He is the author of five books: “Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent” (2012), “Souled Out: Reclaiming Faith & Politics After the Religious Right” (2008), “Stand Up Fight Back: Republican Toughs, Democratic Wimps, and the Politics of Revenge” (2004), “They Only Look Dead: Why Progressives Will Dominate The Next Political Era” (1996), and “Why Americans Hate Politics” (1991), which won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and was a National Book Award nominee. Dionne grew up in Fall River, Mass., attended Harvard College and was a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford. He lives in Bethesda, Md., with his wife and three children.
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