A federal judge found that Harold Martin is a flight risk and ordered him held in jail.

  • Oct 21, 2016

Prosecutors said in court papers they plan to charge Harold T. Martin under the Espionage Act and want bail denied.

  • Oct 20, 2016

The Justice Department has kept classified at least 74 opinions, memos and letters on national security issues.

  • Oct 19, 2016

Retired Marine Corps Gen. James E. Cartwright entered plea in probe of Stuxnet leak.

  • Oct 17, 2016

Judges had upheld the company’s position that federal authority to seize data does not extend overseas.

  • Oct 14, 2016

The company is leaning toward declaring the Yahoo hack a “material event.“

  • Oct 13, 2016

Harold Martin’s case raises new questions about whether spy agencies are appropriately protecting their sensitive data.

  • Oct 12, 2016

Until now, the Obama administration had avoided publicly blaming the Kremlin.

  • Oct 7, 2016

The episode is another embarrassment for the spy agency, which has tried to prevent leaks.

  • Oct 5, 2016

The company doesn’t gather most of the information that was being sought.

  • Oct 4, 2016
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