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Allow us to refresh your memory about an incident in 2003.

  • Jul 17, 2018

"This what you get when you put a KGB agent up against a KFC agent," Trevor Noah said on "The Daily Show."

  • Jul 17, 2018

The casting for "Rub & Tug" was very controversial.

  • Jul 13, 2018

From John Legend's possible EGOT to Sandra Oh's history-making nod, these are some of the most intriguing picks.

  • Jul 12, 2018

The real front-runner is Netflix: The streaming service earned 112 nominations.

  • Jul 12, 2018

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush reconvened to a more tense cultural climate, but they aren’t afraid to address tough issues in their songs.

  • Jul 11, 2018

Hulu's riveting drama series went out on a disturbing note in the second season.

  • Jul 11, 2018

HBO's miniseries adaptation, which debuted Sunday night, stayed true to the book in the premiere — with one big exception.

  • Jul 9, 2018

Various TV specials will be taking place in Washington, New York and Boston.

  • Jul 4, 2018

Ashley Spivey has become the investigative reporter of Bachelor Nation.

  • Jul 2, 2018
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