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Rank-and-file Democrats rejected the president’s invitation to talks at the White House, remaining unified in opposition to a border wall.

  • Jan 15, 2019

The standstill underscores the dysfunction gripping Washington and the president’s seeming indifference to shuttered federal agencies.

  • Jan 14, 2019

The group is meeting with the shutdown in its fourth week and talks between congressional leaders and the White House at a standstill.

  • Jan 14, 2019

The president reversed days of signals that he might soon declare the emergency amid the protracted standoff with Democrats. 

  • Jan 12, 2019

Administration eyes civil works projects under Army Corps of Engineers budget.

  • Jan 10, 2019

Asked how long he was willing to let the shutdown go on, the president replied: “Whatever it takes.”

  • Jan 9, 2019

The administration’s lobbying came ahead of a nationally televised speech by Trump as he weighs declaring a national emergency to build the wall.

  • Jan 8, 2019

Even bipartisan bills could get blocked in the Senate unless Majority Leader McConnell passes legislation to reopen the government.

  • Jan 7, 2019

The president claims he has the power to declare the national emergency to build a border wall without Congress — while also vowing to keep the shutdown going.

  • Jan 4, 2019

"I have no commitments or anything there," the U.S. Senate candidate says.

  • Jul 13, 2018
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