Erin Cunningham

Foreign Evening Editor

Education: American University of Paris, BA in international and comparative politics

Erin Cunningham is an editor on the Foreign desk, overseeing The Washington Post’s international news coverage during the evening hours in Washington. She joined The Post in 2014 as a foreign correspondent in Cairo and has reported on conflict and political turmoil across the Middle East and Afghanistan, including extensive time in conflict zones such as Gaza, Libya and Iraq. Cunningham moved to Istanbul in 2016, covering Turkey, Syria, and other regional hotspots with a primary focus on Iran.
Latest from Erin Cunningham

    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, explained

    Fierce fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan erupted in the village of Sotk near Nagorno-Karabakh, raising fears of a wider conflict.

    September 13, 2022

      What to know about Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

      Fighting around the power plant in southeastern Ukraine has raised fears of a nuclear catastrophe. Here’s what to know about the Zaporizhzhia facility.

      September 6, 2022

      U.S. service members in Syria suffer ‘minor injuries’ in attack on bases

      The attack took place just one day after U.S. forces conducted airstrikes in Syria targeting infrastructure used by groups with ties to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

      August 24, 2022

      Nancy Pelosi departs Taiwan, ending contentious visit that angered China

      Nancy Pelosi's visit, the first by a U.S. House speaker since 1997, has drawn outrage from China, which for years has sought to diplomatically isolate Taiwan.

      August 3, 2022

      Saudi crown prince wants you talking about his ‘city of the future’

      New details ginned up interest in Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's city of the future, as he departed for his first official trip to Europe since the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

      July 29, 2022

      Other times popes have apologized for the sins of the Catholic Church

      Pope Francis's apology Monday to Canada's Indigenous community wasn't the first time a pontiff has had to ask forgiveness for the church.

      July 25, 2022

      Iran says former British diplomat among several foreigners detained

      Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has accused the detainees of collecting soil samples in a prohibited area.

      July 6, 2022

      Erdogan warns Sweden and Finland to ‘fulfill’ duties under NATO deal

      A trilateral agreement among Finland, Sweden and Turkey appears to give few concrete concessions to Ankara.

      June 30, 2022

      U.S. abortion decision draws cheers, horror abroad

      Others responded in support of the move. The Vatican said that the decision would challenge “the whole world."

      June 25, 2022

      In many countries, abortion is protected by law, not court decision

      In some countries, rulings similar to Roe opened the door to legalizing abortion. In others, governments passed key legislation expanding access.

      June 24, 2022