Our pick of great science fiction, including work by Marie Lu and Ann Leckie

  • Sep 5, 2017

‘Noumenon,’ ‘The Stone Sky’ and ‘And Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors’

  • Aug 7, 2017

In David Burr Gerrard’s ‘The Epiphany Machine,’ tattoos tell all.

  • Jul 7, 2017

In ‘The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up,’ Marie Kondo shows us another side of herself.

  • Jun 12, 2017

“The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O,” “The Prey of Gods” and “The Refrigerator Monologues.”

  • Jun 5, 2017

“The Boy on the Bridge,” “Flame in the Mist” and “Tremontaine”

  • May 3, 2017

“The Moon and the Other,” by John Kessel, “The Ship,” by Antonia Honeywell, and “Proof of Concept,” by Gwyneth Jones.

  • Apr 7, 2017

“New York 2140,” by Kim Stanley Robinson, “Brother’s Ruin,” by Emma Newman and “The Djinn Falls in Love.”

  • Mar 8, 2017

Authors are turning to “sensitivity readers” to help them write books that have the potential to offend. Some say these readers are abetting cultural appropriation and causing harm.

  • Feb 10, 2017

Black entertainers have always been represented at the Oscars -- but as presenters and performers, not as winners.

  • Feb 28, 2016
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