Glenn Kessler

ReporterWashington, D.C.


A pro-Hillary Clinton group makes sweeping assertions about Bush’s plan for veterans with little evidence.

  • Sep 4, 2015

We investigate how this widely-cited figure on sex trafficking was calculated out of thin air.

  • Sep 2, 2015

Cruz might be on track with his numbers, but his statistic falls apart because of his adjectives.

  • Aug 31, 2015

The Democratic hopeful earns Four Pinocchios for getting his history very wrong.

  • Aug 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s highly legalistic defense of her email practices skirts questions about classified information being shared.

  • Aug 27, 2015

Both Jeb Bush and Donald Trump get some facts correct in the ongoing debate over births on U.S. soil by foreign citizens.

  • Aug 25, 2015

Trump has doubled his estimate of the unemployment rate. He’s even further away from the real number now.

  • Aug 21, 2015

The Trump campaign relied on actual government reports, but the spin is misleading.

  • Aug 20, 2015

The GOP presidential hopeful claimed the organization sought to “control that population.”

  • Aug 18, 2015

  • Jun 14, 2015
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In an award-winning journalism career spanning nearly three decades, Glenn Kessler, who writes “The Fact Checker” column, has covered foreign policy, economic policy, the White House, Congress, politics, airline safety and Wall Street. He was The Washington Post’s chief State Department reporter for nine years, traveling around the world with three different Secretaries of State. Before that, he covered tax and budget policy for The Washington Post and also served as the newspaper’s national business editor. In 2007, St. Martins Press published his widely acclaimed book on Condoleezza Rice, The Confidante. Kessler appears frequently on television and has lectured widely on U.S. foreign policy.
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