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Rep. Maxine Waters voiced the anger of many Black Americans. That’s important, politically.

When elected officials voice community anger, citizens feel heard — and get more politically involved.
  • Apr 24, 2021

These were our 10 most popular posts of 2020

Readers were very interested in elections, successions, and the political fallout from a virus we hadn’t heard of just a year ago.
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Don’t want to discuss Trump or impeachment at Thanksgiving? Try this instead.

Dazzle (or distract) the table with what else has been happening while they weren’t looking.
  • Nov 27, 2019

How to protect women from domestic violence — before it’s too late

Rachel Louise Snyder explores efforts to help victims and reform abusers.
  • May 17, 2019

What political science can tell us about mass shootings

Using a truck as a weapon is just less efficient than using a weapon as a weapon.
  • Oct 29, 2018

Here’s what social science tells us about that migrant ‘caravan’ — and the Trump administration’s response

Migration is a worldwide crisis. Is the U.S. response working?
  • Oct 23, 2018

Here's a report card for Trump's first year in office

Experts gave him an F, and he set some troubling records.
  • Jan 22, 2018

These were our 10 most popular posts of 2017

Readers, you were very interested in President Trump.
  • Dec 29, 2017