Hamza Shaban

Washington, D.C.

Visual enterprise reporter covering business

Education: University of Virginia, BA in political science; Columbia University, MA in business journalism

Hamza Shaban is a visual enterprise reporter for the Business Desk. He joined The Washington Post in 2017 as a technology reporter. Previously, he covered tech policy for BuzzFeed News.
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We ordered over $100 of delivery. Here’s how much the restaurants, drivers and apps made.

DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats may be convenient, but whether they’re a winning proposition for anybody can swing on a few dollars.

May 31, 2023

    Are home prices falling? See what it’s like in your area.

    Home prices are falling in housing markets around the country after surging during the pandemic. But where you live makes a huge difference.

    May 23, 2023

    How TikTok went from teen sensation to political pariah

    In the seven years since TikTok was born as a lip-syncing app for Chinese teens, the platform has reshaped the media landscape — forcing U.S. tech giants to reckon with a foreign rival.

    May 18, 2023

    These are some of the notable companies laying off workers

    The tech, mortgage and auto industries are among the hardest hit with layoffs going into 2023. Among the giant companies are Amazon, Meta and Twitter.

    May 9, 2023

      Three of the four largest-ever bank failures have happened since March

      First Republic Bank is ranked among the top 30 banks in the U.S. by assets, but was far from the top American banks, which measure their assets in the trillions.

      May 1, 2023

      How offices looked in each decade of the past hundred years

      A visual timeline of the past and future of the office spanning architecture, furniture, floor plans, computers, the dreaded cubicle and flexible work.

      April 13, 2023

        An illustrated guide to how fees are making everything pricier

        Follow along with a group of friends on a theoretical weekend getaway as they navigate a bevy of real-world fees

        March 24, 2023

          Deeply, truly, very sorry: How tech CEOs talk when they lay off workers

          The Post looked at 48 layoff memos from tech companies ranging from Microsoft to start-ups to see how leaders spin their stories and justify their decisions.

          March 21, 2023

          These companies were affected by the Silicon Valley Bank crash

          The bank’s collapse raised concerns about whether companies would be able to get their money back and pay their employees.

          March 13, 2023

          See how this ‘cruelty-free’ circus replaced animals with holograms

          The Circus-Theater Roncalli uses 3D holograms instead of real animals. The cruelty-free circus was the first of its kind.

          February 28, 2023