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The Trumpian views on immigration and refugees are at odds with how the United States was settled.

  • Nov 25, 2015

Democrats would be wise to adopt policies that help level the economic playing field.

  • Nov 18, 2015

A spate of mergers and acquisitions shows that corporate America knows full well the power of consolidation.

  • Nov 11, 2015

The group’s mortality rate spikes as U.S. manufacturing and unionization continue to decline.

  • Nov 4, 2015

Sanders has created an energetic campaign. But will his followers be able to sustain a revolution?

  • Oct 28, 2015

Universal programs for health care and tuition would be sturdier, and could be paid for with tax increases.

  • Oct 21, 2015

Progressivism and radicalism are strongest when both are thriving.

  • Oct 14, 2015

Donald Trump’s baseless charges echo those of the No Nothings in the 1840s and ‘50s.

  • Oct 7, 2015

The nation’s Founders fragmented power in ways that no longer work given the current political divisiveness.

  • Sep 30, 2015

A response to Charles Lane.

  • Jan 28, 2014
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Harold Meyerson writes a weekly political column that appears on Thursdays and contributes to the PostPartisan blog. Meyerson is also executive editor of The American Prospect, a liberal magazine based in Washington. A Los Angeles native, Meyerson was the executive editor of the L.A. Weekly from 1989 to 2001and hosted the weekly show “Real Politics” on radio station KCRW, the L.A. area’s leading NPR affiliate, from 1991 to 1995. He is the author of “ Who Put the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz?” (1995), a biography of Broadway lyricist Yip Harburg.
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