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Federal arraignment for former officers charged in George Floyd’s killing set for July

A federal grand jury indicted the former Minneapolis police officers last week on charges they violated Floyd’s constitutional rights during a May 25, 2020 arrest, when he was restrained, handcuffed and face down on the street as he begged for breath before losing consciousness.
  • May 14, 2021

Trial for 3 former officers charged in George Floyd’s murder delayed until March

A judge on Thursday delayed the planned August trial for the three former Minneapolis police officers accused of aiding and abetting Derek Chauvin in the death of Floyd, potentially allowing a federal civil rights case against all four to proceed first.
  • May 13, 2021

Derek Chauvin qualifies for a longer sentence in George Floyd’s murder, judge rules

A judge found prosecutors had proven beyond a reasonable doubt four of five aggravating factors in Floyd’s killing that they argued should result in a tougher prison sentence.
  • May 12, 2021

Derek Chauvin’s attorney files motion for a new trial, alleging misconduct by judge, prosecution and jurors

A spokesman for Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, whose office oversaw the prosecution, dismissed the claims. “The court has already rejected many of these arguments, and the state will vigorously oppose them,” he said.
  • May 4, 2021

Derek Chauvin guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd

Jurors found the former Minneapolis police officer guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, sending a powerful message about police violence.
  • Apr 20, 2021

The jurors who decided Derek Chauvin’s fate

Millions marched after watching George Floyd die. Now, a dozen people convicted Chauvin of murder.
  • Apr 20, 2021

Prosecutor argues Chauvin’s ‘ego’ led to Floyd’s death; jury deliberations begin

“Believe your eyes. What you saw, you saw,” special prosecutor Steve Schleicher told the jury.
  • Apr 19, 2021

Minneapolis braces for unrest as Derek Chauvin trial enters final phase

Amid fears of rioting, officials are divided over how to keep the city safe.
  • Apr 18, 2021
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Derek Chauvin's defense

Protests continue in the Minneapolis area after the police killing of Daunte Wright. And the defense rests in the Derek Chauvin murder trial.
  • Apr 16, 2021

Derek Chauvin’s defense rests after he declines to testify in his murder trial in the death of George Floyd

The defense rested its case minutes after just two days of testimony, paving the way for closing arguments and jury deliberations in the landmark trial to begin Monday.
  • Apr 15, 2021