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The House battle over Build Back Better — 24 restless hours on the Hill

After months of legislating that exposed intraparty riffs, House Democrats finally felt confident they could pass their roughly $2 trillion social spending priority legislation. But the vote would only come after a record-long speech by the House minority leader.

November 19, 2021

    CPAC concludes with Trump reemerging post-presidency

    Former president Donald Trump capped this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference by making his first post-presidential speech on Sunday. The annual event held this weekend evolved from a fractious meeting of Republicans and libertarians into a celebration of the 45th president and the airing of his grievances.

    February 28, 2021

      President Trump’s tumultuous 2020

      A look at President Trump's most consequential year.

      December 29, 2020

        Biden defeats Trump: What I learned | How to be a journalist

        Washington Post journalists reveal what they learned covering the 2020 presidential campaign, and preview what to watch for in 2021

        December 22, 2020

          Covering the Trump White House | How to be a journalist

          Go behind the scenes with Washington Post White House reporters as they cover the controversial and historic presidency of Donald Trump.

          September 11, 2020

          Brazil’s Bolsonaro wants to develop the Amazon. The Munduruku see the end of their way of life.

          Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wants to develop the Amazon. The tiny Munduruku tribe sees the end of their way of life.

          August 21, 2019

          Sites grounded in science to visit across the U.S.

          We visited locations that reveal the beauty, mystery, wildness and audacity of science.

          August 16, 2019

          Devastated by one shutdown, dreading the next

          As Friday’s deadline approaches, a federal employee wonders: ‘How am I supposed to dig out?’

          February 10, 2019

          Election day in photos: The quiet power of Americans voting — and the rush of victory and defeat

          From Florida to Arizona, Massachusetts to Georgia, California to Texas, here are the best photos from the midterms shot by Washington Post photographers.

          November 6, 2018

          A teenager wanted to challenge gun culture in her conservative Wyoming town. Would anyone listen?

          In conservative Gillette, Wyo., a young advocate finds her voice.

          May 18, 2018