Internal documents reveal how Fusion GPS has used investigative reporting techniques and media connections to advance the interests of an eclectic range of clients.

  • Dec 11, 2017

Whitefish Energy, a two-year-old company, had just two full-time employees on the day Hurricane Maria made landfall.

  • Oct 23, 2017

Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” but some in his wealthy Cabinet reject economy class.     

  • Oct 8, 2017

Employee who took classified material home was running Russian antivirus software on his computer, according to people familiar with the matter.

  • Oct 5, 2017

Shulkin and his wife spent about half their time sightseeing on his 10-day visit for meetings with Danish and British officials.

  • Sep 29, 2017

The Department of Homeland Security issued a directive barring use of the Russian company’s product.

  • Sep 13, 2017

Inspector general found agency improperly provided millions in subsidies to California contractors.

  • Sep 8, 2017

Harvey inundated rivers, bayous, canals and highways in some of the most densely populated parts of the Houston metro area, which is home to 4.5 million people.

  • Aug 28, 2017

James A. Fields Jr. struggled with mental illness and violent outbursts before he was charged with an act of automotive fury that left one woman dead and injured 19 others.

  • Aug 18, 2017
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