James Hohmann

Washington, D.C.

Editorial writer and columnist specializing in domestic policy and politics

Education: Stanford University, B.A. in History

James Hohmann is a Washington Post editorial writer and columnist specializing in domestic policy and politics. He is also chief commentator for The Post’s video team, offering analysis during all live coverage. And he is a Stanford University lecturer, teaching courses on campaigns and Congress. Hohmann first joined The Post in 2008 and returned to the newspaper in 2015 after six years at Politico. He previously served as a national political correspondent, authored The Daily 202 newsletter, hosted The Big Idea podcast and anchored PowerPost, a newsroom vertical focused on the intersection
Latest from James Hohmann

    What is the significance of Sam Altman testifying?

    Washington Post editorial writer and columnist James Hohmann explains why this hearing could be a watershed moment for artificial intelligence.

    May 16, 2023

      TV to smartphones: How coronation coverage has transformed

      As journalists descend on London for King Charles III’s coronation, look back at what coverage for Queen Elizabeth’s big day was like more than 70 years ago.

      May 6, 2023

      Marco Rubio’s plan to wean America off its China addiction

      Washington needs to get beyond the conversation about banning this or that to think more broadly about reducing Beijing's leverage over the U.S. in a conflict.

      March 9, 2023

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      December 7, 2022

      The Democrats have a ‘candidate quality’ problem, too

      Left vs. center: The surprise election outcome obscures a deeper Democratic problem.

      November 16, 2022

      In Wisconsin, Tony Evers made a virtue of being dull

      An unsung Democrat cruises to reelection in Wisconsin.

      November 11, 2022

      GOP Hispanic outreach could be decisive in these Biden districts

      Yesli Vega is running against Abigail Spanberger, one of five Democrats running for reelection in districts Biden would have carried by seven points in 2020.

      November 7, 2022

      How Republicans plan to make a comeback in New England

      The GOP’s likeliest path to the House majority runs through some of the bluest states.

      November 4, 2022

      The Pennsylvania Democrat with a winning message on crime

      Democrats must confront their denial about rising crime.

      October 27, 2022

      Ken Paxton is America’s worst attorney general. He’ll win anyway.

      No Democrat has won statewide in Texas since 1994. Beating Paxton should have been Democrats’ chance to end the drought.

      October 11, 2022