Jayne Orenstein

Washington, D.C.

Video producer and editor working in emerging platforms

Education: George Washington University

Jayne Orenstein is a senior producer overseeing national video coverage.
Latest from Jayne Orenstein

    Uber knew drivers risked debt and danger in South Africa

    The Washington Post’s Douglas MacMillan on how Uber undermined drivers in South Africa with policies that made the jobs more perilous.

    July 11, 2022

      How blue states prepared for a post-Roe world

      The Supreme Court overturned federal abortion protections on June 24. Now, where abortions can be legally performed is limited to mostly Democratic states.

      June 24, 2022

        What's behind the tampon shortage?

        Tampons are the latest product to experience inventory issues. Here's why the supply chain, the war in Ukraine and other issues are causing the shortage.

        June 21, 2022

          A 1972 production of 'Godspell' featured comedy stars before they were famous

          A 1972 production of "Godspell" in Toronto featured Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Gilda Radner, Victor Garber and Andrea Martin.

          May 18, 2022

            What Breonna Taylor’s killing reveals about police use of no-knock warrants

            At least 22 people were killed by police carrying out no-knock warrants nationwide since 2015, according to a Post investigation.

            April 14, 2022

              How the war in Ukraine is reshaping the French presidential election

              The first round of France’s presidential elections is set for April 10. The Post’s Rick Noack explains the key issues and leading candidates.

              April 4, 2022

                How the Post reported on the hidden billion-dollar cost of repeated police misconduct

                The Post collected data on nearly 40,000 payments at 25 of the nation’s largest police and sheriff’s departments within the past decade.

                March 9, 2022

                  Breonna Taylor’s sister is still waiting for justice two years after her killing

                  Ju’Niyah Palmer spoke to The Post on Feb. 24 during the trial of former Louisville officer Brett Hankison, who faces wanton endangerment charges.

                  March 3, 2022

                    Ukrainians flee in cars, buses as Russian attack begins

                    Ukrainians in Kyiv and Kharkiv jammed the highways attempting to leave the area as Russia launched an attack on the country on Feb. 24.

                    February 24, 2022

                      Houses of worship weigh safety challenges after Texas synagogue standoff

                      Some houses of worship are grappling with how to keep their communities safe and open in January 2022, after a gunman took hostages at a synagogue in Texas.

                      January 25, 2022