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The president’s boundary-breaking success has prompted a caste of politicians to act, and insult, like him

  • Jul 16, 2018

OF AMERICA | At rallies, protests and parades, Americans tell us what it means to be patriotic today.

  • Jul 4, 2018

Amid the hoopla, some GOP candidates are counting on the president’s visits to spur enthusiasm in November.

  • Jun 27, 2018

At a packed hockey arena in Duluth, Minn., the president delivered a rollicking speech that harked back to his 2016 campaign.

  • Jun 20, 2018

As they waited for hours outside the rally venue in the hot June sun, Trump's supporters applauded the president for doing his best and criticized the media for focusing so heavily on the issue.

  • Jun 20, 2018

In counties where voters flipped from Obama to Trump, candidates search for a compelling message.

  • Jun 17, 2018

OF AMERICA | A debate over deportation and a border wall, boosted by Trump, has gripped electoral politics in the state.

  • Jun 1, 2018

Trump has repeatedly accused the FBI of placing “an embedded informant” inside his presidential campaign to improperly spy on him.

  • May 18, 2018

The president contended that Mayor Libby Schaaf had obstructed justice by tweeting about an impending raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And he referred to some immigrants as 'animals.'

  • May 16, 2018

The president said North Korea has not directly told the White House that it wants to change or cancel a summit planned for June 12, so he has not made any decisions.

  • May 16, 2018
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