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How to excel at Tracer, ‘Overwatch’s’ teleporting agent, according to two pros

"The calvary's here." Two pros discuss dashing around as one of Overwatch's original heroes.
  • May 7, 2021

How to master Tracer according to OWL pros Yaki and Decay

The Washington Post spoke with Overwatch League pros Yaki and Decay to get the lowdown on how to play one of the game's most reliable units, Tracer.
  • May 6, 2021

Review: New Pokemon Snap is too much grind, but it's oozing with nostalgic charm

"New Pokemon Snap" is a Pokémon game that capitalizes on Gen 1 nostalgia. Is that enough to overcome the grindy nature of the game?
  • May 4, 2021
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PSA: Game-breaking ‘AC Valhalla’ bug fixed in new update

Players experiencing the bug were stuck in purgatory.
  • Apr 27, 2021
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Mastering Sigma, the maestro of Overwatch, according to two pros

Sigma, Overwatch’s brooding astrophysicist, commands the gravity around him to domineer over an opposing team.
  • Apr 13, 2021

How to master Sigma according to OWL pros Cr0ng and Space

The Post spoke with Cr0ng and Space, two leading professional Overwatch players, to figure out how to play the tricky off-tank Sigma.
  • Apr 13, 2021

Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp on Flash and the challenges of preserving two decades of content

The Washington Post's video game team Launcher sat down with Tom Fulp, founder of the popular creator-content website Newgrounds.
  • Apr 8, 2021

Touring 1000+ hour Animal Crossing: New Horizons Islands on its anniversary| Launcher

On its 1-year anniversary, The Washington Post's video game team Launcher examines Animal Crossing New Horizons power users' islands.
  • Mar 19, 2021

Valheim developer reveals upcoming content, talks the mysterious man and boat glitches

We spoke to co-founder of Iron Gate Studios Henrik Törnqvist to discuss the four upcoming updates like the Mistlands for the popular early access viking game.
  • Mar 9, 2021
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‘Pokémon Legends Arceus’ is the game mainline Pokémon fans have been begging for

I thought Pokémon should break up with Game Freak. Then they announced "Arceus."
  • Feb 26, 2021