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The suspected suicide bombers had pledged loyalty to the Islamic State, which praised the attacks.
  • 10 minutes ago
Seventy-two hours after the Easter Sunday attacks, bodies are piling outside the city’s morgue.
  • 4 hours ago
Questions about the government’s failure to act on prior intelligence are growing.
  • 1 day ago
The blasts in the churches took place about 8:45 a.m. in the cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. More than 450 people were injured.
  • 1 day ago
Polarizing and charismatic, the prime minister appeals to national pride amid economic challenges.
  • Apr 11
  • Analysis
Narendra Modi is seeking reelection in a vote with far-reaching implications for India's democracy and economy.
  • Apr 11
Narendra Modi will seek reelection in the world's largest democratic exercise starting Thursday.
  • Apr 10
Supporters of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chanted his name at an April 5 campaign rally in the Uttar Pradesh state.
  • Apr 9
The move comes amid growing concern about the spread of false information on social media.
  • Apr 1